The DAVEC Pinwheel Vee Rake is designed to clear the plow path to ensure clean cultivation with a full cultivation plow. First the debris has to be cut and parted with a coulter and tine opener.
Ever tried to get a slice of Pizza without first cutting through to the base? Pretty messy. It is the same with harvest debris. The Davec Coulters have a 9 foot or 2700 mm diameter scalloped, high tensile coulter to ensure heavy debris can be cut right through to allow the tyne openers to part the debris, 2 feet or 600 mm with the two tyne model and  just over 5 feet or 1.6 metres wide with the 4 tine Delta rake.  This gap in the debris is then widened to over two metres to allow the full cultivation plow to cultivate a debris free cultivated strip. 
DAVEC Model SMC with attached 2 tine rake opener.  Use Skidder arch to lift.
DAVEC Model SMC with attached 4 Tine Delta Rake  Suit Large skidder.
DAVEC Model DMC Mounted coulter with 4 tine Delta Rake Opener for direct mounting to D6 to D8 size Dozer flat back, articulates when in the ground and locks in central position when raised.