Fire Control

                                                 DAVEC TRAILBLAZER                       

The DAVEC Trailblazer vee shear will dramatically improve safety when hazard reduction burning.

The new Davec clip on TRAILBLAZER blade attachment makes the establishment of fire trails, controlled burn firebreaks, containment lines and vehicle access to native forest and scrub land very easy.

The DAVEC TRAILBLAZER is an attachment that clips on to the blade of a D6 bulldozer with just six swing bolts. It can be fitted by the dozer operator in 10 minutes.

This attachment allows the bulldozer to move continuously, slicing vegetation off at ground level and sweeping it to the sides. Soil is not disturbed, only the vegetation is moved to either side after being sheared off with a sharpened serrated edge of high tensile, wear resistant Australian Bisalloy 450 grade steel.

Sheared material and debris flows easily away to the sides because of the acute angle of the blade.

A sharpened ‘Stinger’ at the apex of the vee, can be used to peel away a larger tree if necessary.

Clearing a minimum of 3 metres wide (One Pass) creates a break for controlled hazard reduction burns to be done safely. Parallel sweeps 50 to 100 metres apart means fires have a contained space to burn. These hazard reduction burns are done in the evening so that as night falls and dew tends to form, the fire loses its capacity to get out of control. Burning back from a clear space means less water is required for a hazard reduction burn.

The trailblazer creates a vehicle access track on either side of the area to be burnt allowing firefighters to bring equipment up close to where it is needed. Dowsing and then checking that the fire is out after the burn is completed is more efficient when vehicle access is easily available.

Of course it is possible to widen the three metre first cut, by making a half pass on one or both sides, using one side of the vee blade to open the track out.

Please contact David Heckendorf 0408 731 706 for sales enquiries.

To book a contractor with a DAVEC trailblazer to work in NSW after November, contact Chester Crossing, CROSSING WORKS, on 0418 858 051

Protect your property before the fire season, use a DAVEC TRAILBLAZER before the vegetation dries out and becomes dangerous.

Vee shears are not new.  In forestry where large stumps are cut level, at least 250 HP is required but in clearing surface debris, shrubs and small trees to establish and maintain firetrails, a D6 size is adequate. An absolute minimum of soil is moved, the shear cuts shrubs and small trees off at ground level, with you guessed, a shearing action!